Verandahs – A veranda house is a large, open-aired garden or porch, usually attached to the exterior of a house. A veranda can be partially enclosed by a porch rail and often extends out towards the sides and front of the house. It can be enclosed with a veranda gate or patio door or it can simply have open plan porches. Many types of buildings can have verandahs that are attached to the front, sides, back or even roof of the house. It can be attached to a house as part of a landscaping scheme that includes various parts of the house.

Styling your Home Design Series

There are several different styles of verandahs. Some of these styles include French, Gothic, contemporary, Victorian and traditional. Each style adds to the charm and elegance of the property so it is best to decide on a style before making any decisions about what type of verandahs you would like to build. Before starting any work it is important to check with the local council and /or your chosen contractor to make sure that your chosen design conforms to regulations for building.

Traditional verandahs are usually made in a cottage style. They look very much like they are being built from scratch and have open roofs and windows. They tend to be less expensive than many other styles and can be purchased ready made or have to be built with special plans. The traditional style can have a great number of windows and roofs. The Victorian style is popular with buyers as it is generally smaller and less expensive.